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If you’re serious about the fitness industry, you’ve probably heard of Europa Sports Partners before. But maybe you’re not 100% sure who we are or what we do. As the nation’s largest distributor of sports supplements, we’re big fans of fitness. And we have all the knowledge to back it up. We’re sports-minded, athletic-driven, and results-obsessed. Let us prove it to you.

How did we learn about CrossFit? Some of our best employees are active members of the rapidly growing CrossFit community. We know that CrossFit athletes are driven to meet their fitness goals, and when they do, they expect to accelerate their performance even further. We’ve seen firsthand how the right sports nutrition makes the difference in an athlete’s ability to achieve their PR. For us, that’s what it’s all about. Never settling.   Perhaps you have heard of the ‘Europa Games’ (formerly known as the Europa Get Fit and Sports Expo). Each year, we see an increasing number of CrossFit athletes dominating these events. It’s a fact that we can’t help but get excited about.

Why partner with us? We know sports nutrition better than anyone. That’s because we have been leaders in the fitness industry for over 25 years. We understand the differences in products and the differences in athletes. We know that the CrossFit way of life is unique, demanding, clean, and unlike any other.

Prepare for the unknown with sports nutrition knowledge. CrossFit is about preparing for the unknown. And building your knowledge is always the best way to prepare. After all, CrossFit exploded because enthusiasts began sharing information online. Here at Europa Sports, we’re ready and willing to share our sports nutrition expertise with the leaders of CrossFit, like you.


Yes, but, do CrossFitters need supplements? Intense CrossFit workouts can deplete an individual’s muscles, in ways that not even a perfect Paleo diet can fully protect against. That’s why informed CrossFitters know there is a better way to supplement even the cleanest diet regiments for optimal health and maximum results. The bottom line is that most CrossFit athletes are already getting their supplements from somewhere. Shouldn’t it be from you?

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