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Welcome to a New Era in CrossFit.

CrossFit is changing, again. There’s an increase in the number of people who want to do more than get fit. They want to compete. Just ask Box Owner Erik Lott. He has personally witnessed the shift in membership at his Box.


More and more people are moving away from working toward a broad range of fitness goals and moving forward with a competitive intensity and desire to lift heavier. Here at Europa Sports, we know there’s only one way to get there.


New Routines
What does it take to achieve a new level of fitness? It takes a new focus.  Results are forced. They’re not accidental. They’re intentional. The best way to shake up any workout routine is to increase intensity. Of course, the only way to sustain a new level of intensity is to fuel and refuel the body appropriately. That’s why Box owners, like our friends at New Era, partner with Europa Sports Products.


New Partnerships
The mantra at New Era sums up what CrossFit is all about: “One Community, United Through Fitness.” At New Era, it’s not about creating a WOD and leaving your members to give it their best shot. Every step of the CrossFit experience is guided by expert knowledge and skill. From expert coaches to expert nutritionists, New Era CrossFit delivers fitness for life. We’re here to help. We’re partners united in delivering performance results.


New Revenue Streams
Fitness is all about results. So is business. When you offer your members sports nutrition, you are adding value not only to their workout, but also to your bottom line. New Era first partnered with Europa Sports in October 2014. Since then, New Era has increased revenue through selling supplements by at least $1,500 every month. That’s more than $10,000 in revenue in about six months.


New Customers
There are more people who take sports nutrition seriously than participate in CrossFit. By carrying supplements, you can increase your walk-ins. New Era has gained new customers who come just for the supplements and don’t even work out at the Box. (Yet.)


New Results
Are you interested in generating new revenue? Winning new customers? Driving better performance results for your members? Before choosing to partner with us, learn why we chose to partner with New Era.


Q: When did you open your Box?
A: I opened New Era in January 2011. I joined CrossFit in 2009.


Q: Why did you decide to open a Box?
A: I fell in love with CrossFit. And I could not find a Box in Fresno, California. So I started in my garage. Today, we have approximately 180 athletes.


Q: What are the biggest challenges to operating a Box?
A:  Since we have such a diverse audience, the biggest challenge is creating a program for everybody. We have a team competing at Regionals. We need to offer competitive training for these athletes as well as for others who may not be competing.


Q: What are the greatest rewards?
A: The biggest rewards are when we hear stories from our members. For example, one of our athletes is 60 years old. She came to me the other day and said she could never lift her box of seasonal clothes over head. And put it away in the closet. This year, she was able to do it without her husband’s help. CrossFit provides fitness for life.


Q: How long have you worked with Europa?
A:  I worked for UPS, so I have known about Europa Sports. But it wasn’t until Chris Beery, Europa Functional Fitness Rep, became a member of our Box that I partnered with Europa Sports. I’ve always been interested in supplements and working out. Chris made it easy for me to set up the relationship and get started.


Q: How has selling supplements contributed to your business success?
A: By selling supplements, we have added another stream of revenue. Any supplements our coaches take, we carry.


Q: What are the top products you carry for your members?
A:  We carry single serving proteins. Our members like Quest Bars and Kill Cliff. It’s convenient. We keep the pricing competitive. It helps us provide an added benefit.


Q: What advice do you have for Box owners?
A: When it comes to CrossFit, nutrition is a big part of the equation. There are a ton of supplements out there that are very clean and Paleo friendly. Keep your inventory focused.


Q: How do you educate your athletes on sports nutrition?
A: We have a member who has been a nutritionist for 20 years. Every month we hold a nutrition seminar. Previous seminar topics included, “Best Supplements for Recovery,” and “Best Supplements for Pre-Workout.” We also offer samples. Everyone loves samples. And it’s free.

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