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Crossfit Pandemic ProfileThe Role of Sports Nutrition in the CrossFit Community

Box owners and coaches often say their greatest reward is witnessing the transformations in their members. Here at Europa Sports, we understand how infectious it is to see people reach their goals. That’s why we want to help you reach yours. By partnering with Europa Sports Products, your Box can operate at its peak. And that includes helping your members perform at their highest levels, too. We partner with Box owners around the country to deliver the best sports nutrition expertise, products, and functional equipment. The result? Increased member satisfaction. Increased performance. Increased wellness. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out what our partners from Crossfit Pandemic in Norco, California have to say about the Europa Sports/CrossFit connection.


Why did the Pandemic Box partner with Europa?
Sometimes, you have to think outside the Box in order to improve what happens on the inside of it. As co-owners of CrossFit Pandemic, Scott Freedland and Brett Panceroff had a distinct vision for the layout, vibe, and programming of their Box. They also had the foresight to realize the important role that sports nutrition plays in performance, recovery, and overall health. After doing their research, they realized that Europa Sports is a one-stop shop that can keep their 13,500 square-foot facility fully stocked.


According to Freedland,“It’s nice to have a partnership with Europa and learn about the new products we can offer to our members. We don’t have to call several manufacturers to get what we need. We just call Europa.”


How does the Pandemic Box educate its athletes on sports nutrition?
Swing by the Pandemic Box on any Saturday and enjoy a 60-minute seminar, where coaches teach the athletes about sports nutrition’s role in body composition and performance. This educational opportunity provides members with all the information they need to explore their options and choose their products—all without leaving the Box.

“Our pricing is right, and it doesn’t take a lot of time out of our day to order through Europa Sports. We get products within one to two days,” said Freedland. “Of course, the best part is that our members have gotten stronger as a result of supplementing the right way.”


What advice does Pandemic have for other Box owners?
“Members need help making it through workouts,” said Freedland. “The first month is the hardest, building cardio/muscle strength. Members need to replenish with the right nutrients, such as pharmaceutical-grade fish oil to keep those joints lubricated and reduce inflammation.”


From one Box owner to another, Freedland’s advice:

  • Educate Your Members about Supplements—It will allow them to come in more frequently, keep them healthy, fresh, and ready to tackle more workouts.
  • Teach Sports Nutrition Timing—Advise on how to take supplements, when to take them, etc.
  • Maintain Your Inventory—Keep your inventory stocked. Don’t give a member an excuse to go elsewhere.


What are the top products the Pandemic Box carries for their members?

  • The MAN Stack with the Game Day pre-workout and Vaporize Stack for fat loss. It’s simple and clean.
  • WFit Nutrition Tendon & Ligament product for joints.
  • Quest Nutrition Protein Bars are really popular.
  • SDC About Time protein shakes.
  • ROCKTAPE for ailments.


What is the biggest challenge for Box owners?
Here at Europa Sports, we acknowledge that sometimes the biggest challenge Box owners face is trying to squeeze in their own workouts. Freedland explains that his coaches are always trying to help everyone else: “We like to make sure each member feels special and taken care of…more like members of a family.”


This level of dedication to educating and coaching their members is why the Pandemic Box has enrolled 320 athletes and enjoyed an 80% attendance rate in the last year. Here at Europa Sports, we’re proud to partner with the Pandemic Box. We support their commitment to maximizing the health and wellness of their members.


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