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Crossfit Proverb

By definition, a proverb is a short saying that gives advice or expresses an obvious truth about how people should live. Any proverb that’s applied to the CrossFit community is rooted in a core belief in fitness. The basic truth of CrossFit is that anyone with the willingness to try it out, from the stay-at-home-mom to the cop to the Army commander, should and could. The CrossFit community has an open door policy.


Fitness is for everyone. So is sports nutrition.
In spite of the myths and misconceptions out there, the truth about CrossFit is that it’s for everyone. And the same goes for sports nutrition. Box owners teach members that what they put into their workout determines what they will get out of it. Well, the same goes for nutrition. That’s why Box owners partner with Europa Sports Products. Together, we can fuel the potential in others. See your members and your business thrive.


Round out your Box with value added services, like sports nutrition.
Sports nutrition adds value. Your members rely on you to educate them about fitness—and this goes beyond teaching proper form and the latest WOD. You cannot have a serious discussion with your members regarding fitness without discussing nutrition. We’re here to help.


Before choosing to partner with us, learn why we chose to partner with CrossFit Proverb.
Just a year after entering the world of CrossFit for his own personal fitness, Beau decided to open his own Box. Read on to learn more about this incredible member—and our partner—in the CrossFit community.


Q: When did you open your Box?
A: I opened in 2011.


Q: Why did you decide to open a Box?
A: The regular gym experience was not getting it done. I felt the need for something different. I fell in love with CrossFit.


Q: What are the biggest challenges to operating a Box?
A: Since we are a small facility in a rural area, the biggest challenge is member retention. Around here, the cost of membership is a lot of money for people. So you have to work to prove the value to the average person.


Q: What are the greatest rewards?
A: The greatest reward is seeing people succeed. Whether it’s losing weight, hitting PR’s or just getting in great shape. In as few as 3 months after they start, they are doing things they didn’t think possible.


Q: What are the biggest changes you’ve seen since you started CrossFit?
A: The mainstream success of CrossFit. It was underground when I started.


Q: How long have you worked with Europa?
A: I met Eric Hillman at the CrossFit Games, and I have been working with ESP since 2013.


Q: How has selling supplements contributed to your business success?
A: It gives us extra income. It also adds value to the athletes. They can purchase supplements cheaper from the Box. And I get to help them. It’s a win-win. I love knowing that I have any supplement at my disposal, because of everything that ESP carries. My athletes want variety and Europa has it. We have approximately 100 members and we currently average around $1,000 a month in supplement sales.


Q: What are the top products you carry for your members?
A: We keep it pretty clean. We carry Creatine, Fish Oil, and Protein Powders. Many of our athletes like the Dymatize Nutrition ISO 100 and Xtend Aminos.


Q: What advice do you have for Box owners?
A: Make sports nutrition part of the value you offer to members. You’ll be surprised at how well it goes. At CrossFit Proverb, our product flies off the shelf. You can start small and build repeat customers. It builds a nice side business in addition to your membership fees.


Q: How do you educate your athletes on sports nutrition?
A: We have a beginner’s course and build knowledge from there. We go through the main principles, such as Why is Fish Oil so important? Why is creatine important? We encourage everyone to ask questions. We are transparent. We tell our members what’s going to help them in CrossFit and daily life. For more information on how Europa Sports can help your Box supplement its performance results, call your Europa Sales Rep at: 1.800.447.4795

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