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Crossfit Tarpon Springs ProfileCrossFit does more than transform your body. It transforms your lifestyle. You don’t get into CrossFit. It gets into you. CrossFit becomes part of your identity, influencing everything from your conversations to your relationships to your diet plans. In today’s CrossFit community, sports nutrition has a role to play. And it’s a personal one.


CrossFit is all about maximizing potential. So is our partnership.
Here at Europa Sports Products, we partner with Box owners around the nation who recognize that they play a much larger role in the lives of their members than simply providing the WOD. Together, we are strengthening the CrossFit community and fueling member satisfaction. All while driving business results for Box owners. But you don’t have to take our word for it.


Think inside the box for results. These guys did.
Meet Steve and James. They’re co-owners of CrossFit Tarpon Springs located in sunny Florida. Learn what they have to say about the challenges and rewards of running a successful CrossFit affiliate. Surviving their first year in business. And staying ahead of the game. When starting any business, the first year is always critical. Learn how Steve and James improved their income as well as their members’ results in a short amount of time.


Q: When did you open your Box?
A: November 1, 2013.


Q: Why did you decide to open a Box? A: People say if you do something you love, you never have to work a day in your life. And we love CrossFit. Prior to opening our Box, we were active in the CrossFit community for several years. We went to multiple gyms and thought about what we wanted. We knew we could provide it. So, why not?


Q: What are the top challenges/rewards for Box owners?
A: People move and change their priorities, so it’s a challenge to constantly attract new members and grow your base. It’s also a challenge to keep it fresh and fun with new programs and workouts. Of course, the greatest reward is seeing people change for the better and reach their goals. We had a member lose 80lbs. We take satisfaction in seeing our members get healthier. When we know that the favorite part of their day is coming here to workout? Well, we love that.


Q: What are the biggest changes you’ve seen since you started CrossFit?
A: On a personal level, we are stronger mentally and physically. We are much more well-rounded when it comes to fitness. Globally, CrossFit continues to grow. Yet some people still don’t understand CrossFit. They think it’s dangerous. There are a lot of misconceptions. It’s actually a lot more controlled than people realize. Workouts are scaled to ability for strength, endurance, and flexibility.


Q: Why did you partner with Europa?
A: We have worked with Europa for nearly a year. When we first contacted Europa, we were impressed with how quickly we got a response. Our sales rep is very helpful and knowledgeable about a variety of products. We can order what we need. And it ships fast. We don’t have to go through ten different people.


Q: How has selling supplements contributed to your business success?
A: For starters, we have more revenue. We are supplementing our regular membership income, and we are increasing the per membership income average. But it’s not just great for us. Offering supplements on site is also convenient for our members. They ask us what they need to take. And it’s one more way we can help them with their results. Supplements maximize the hard work they are putting in.


Q: What are the top products you carry for your members?
A: We carry a lot of different products. Protein is our number one seller. We like Dymatize Elite and Arnold Iron Mass. Our second best sellers are the amino acids, particularly Amino-X. Of course, we also sell a lot of glutamine and pre-workouts. We always recommend Nutriforce PreWod, Pursuit Rx and Xtreme Shock.


Q: What advice do you have for Boxes in carrying sports nutrition?
A: Listen to your members and request their feedback. Ask about their goals. Then tailor your shop to help achieve them. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t carry supplements. Be a one-stop shop for your members. We are.


Q: How do you educate your athletes on sports nutrition?
A: We provide a lot of one-on-one consulting. We perform diet assessments, and we will work supplements into their nutrition plan. Nutrition timing is big. Based on their goals, we create a customized diet plan and supplement strategy. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s personal.


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