Our Interview with Lindsey Valenzuela:

Top 10 Finisher in the 2015 CrossFit Games
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Europa Sports had the exclusive opportunity to interview Top 10 Finisher in the 2015 CrossFit Games and 2nd place Finisher in 2013, Lindsey Valenzuela.

Meet Lindsey. She’s 27-years-old and stands at 5’6” of pure power. She deadlifts 405 pounds. She can clean and jerk 245 pounds over her head. She’s a Grid athlete, a box owner, and an entrepreneur.


Just Believe. Four years after starting CrossFit, and completing a SEAL-style training for mental strength, Lindsey earned second place at the 2013 CrossFit Games. Today, she says her motto is simple: Believe!


Believe in Your Strength.  Lindsey stumbled into CrossFit like so many do. Prior to joining, Lindsey was a college volleyball player who turned to Olympic weightlifting in the offseason for her strength program.


Believe in Nutrition.  Of course, she says nutrition is equally important to her training routine. She uses Fish Oil and CytoSport Protein series among other supplements. Read on to learn more about her athletic background, training, supplementing strategies, and goals.


Q: What are your thoughts on the new “super regional” format?
A: I thought the super regional format increased the level of competition and brought together 40 men and 40 women who all had a legitimate shot at earning a spot in the CrossFit Games. I think the combination of regions furthered the future of the sport by challenging athletes in an arena, with as much talent as the CrossFit Games had just a few years ago.


Q: What are your goals headed in to the 2016 CrossFit Games? How do you feel about your experience in 2015?
A: My goal heading into 2016 is obviously to once again represent my region at the CrossFit Games. I felt 2015 went well. The goal was to be on the podium when it was all said and done, but to stand amongst the 40 fittest women on earth and place in the top 10 was a successful weekend!


Q: Everyone is impressed with how strong you are. How did that happen? Training? Diet? All of the above?
A: I started Olympic lifting while I was in high school and college to supplement strength training for volleyball. I also focused on Olympic lifting during 2011 while my CrossFit training took a backseat.


Q: How does nutrition play a role in your success as an athlete?
A: Nutrition is as important as my training. I worked with Mike Dolce of the Dolce Diet over the last year, and the results were phenomenal!


Q: What is your daily supplement schedule?
A: Fish oil. Vitamin C. Vitamin D. And Psyllium powder in the a.m. 
and p.m. CytoSport Series Protein post work out.


Q: What are the essentials that you must have in your gym bag?
A: Rogue Fitness Bag, Reebok Nanos and Lifters, OSO Barbell Clamps, Harbinger Lifting Belt, Natural Grips, and CytoSport Series Protein.


Q: How do training partners impact your planning 
and performance?
A: They are there for the tough days where you need the extra 
push and encouragement!


Q: How has CrossFit had an impact on your life?
A: It has changed my life. It is my sport, and now as an affiliate owner, it is also my business. It has redefined the way I approach living a physically fit lifestyle.


Q: If you could hand-select one workout to put in The CrossFit Games what would it be and why?
A: Cinco’s 1 & 2. These two workouts allowed me to place 2nd at the 2013 CrossFit Games!


Q: You recently opened your own box “ Automo” CrossFit. Tell us about it?
A: Yes, I did with my friends and partners James and Amy Townsend! It is located in Oldtown Moorpark Ca. The word “Autumo” is a Latin term for, I say yes, I believe!


We Believe in Lindsey
On behalf of Europa Sports, we wish Lindsey the best of luck in the 2016 CrossFit Games. The competition may be stronger than ever, but if there’s anyone who can succeed among the world’s fittest athletes, it’s Lindsey.


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