Our Interview with Noah Ohlsen:

2014 CrossFit Games Competitor and 2015 Hopeful / Miami, FL (Peak 360)
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Noah’s CrossFit journey began in 2010 while attending the University of Miami. In 2013, Noah participated in regionals and had the podium in his grasp. Though it slipped away that day, it’s fueled his every move since.


Today, Noah trains with a pack of coaches. He has a strength coach and a skills coach. But we’re pretty sure his favorite coach of all is Maximus, his loyal golden retriever pup who attends every work out, every day.


Noah placed 8th at the CrossFit Games in 2014. This year, Noah took 1st place at Wodapalooza and 2nd place at the East Coast Championships. What’s next? At the end of the day, his ultimate goal is to be crowned the fittest man on earth. Read on to learn how he’s working hard to get there.


Q: Where did the name “Swolson Ohlsen” come from?
A: Swolson Ohlsen may have a few different origins. From what I remember, Julian Serna, a friend who I train with on occasion, gave me the nickname—after we had named Jon “the president” Adams. My good friend and manager, Bijan Heravi claims he and our friend Sam Franklin gave it to me within our fraternity. Either way, people seem to dig it! I feel a bit cheesy saying it, so I usually don’t. But it still comes up!


Q: Did you make any changes to your training since competing in the Games last year?
A: After doing well, but coming up short of the podium at the 2014 CrossFit Games, my weakness were, as they have been since I started CrossFit, ironically my strength. As far as changes, I teamed up with Dave Spitz at Cal Strength. And I’ve added The Barbell WOD program into my daily training. It’s helped me get a lot stronger. I just overhead squatted about 40 lbs more than I maxed at the Games! I’ve been consistent with all of my skill and metabolic conditioning work from Dusty Hyland.


Q: What impact does NPGL have on your CrossFit Games training or vice versa?
A: None really. I added small elements that were new to me around the beginning of the last Grid season, such as back up-rises and castaways. But my training hasn’t changed. I’m still moving large loads, long distances, quickly!


Q: What is your current nutritional focus/diet plan?
A: Ice cream every day! I actually just got back from $10 pasta Thursday’s at a local restaurant here in Miami. The majority of the time I try to eat healthy, because it feels good. And I know I need the nutrients. At the same time, after training about 5 hours a day, I feel like I need calories more than anything. So I try to get them in however I can!


Q: How do you supplement the demands of your training schedule?
A: I’m lucky to have awesome sponsors that make tasty, healthy, and easy-to-consume stuff. After training for 5 hours, I usually jump right into coaching a few classes. So I have just enough time to mix up a Nutriforce shake, chug a FitAid, and grab a Perfect Bar! The Nutriforce WODpak also helps me to account for a lot of the vitamins, minerals, and healthy oils I may be missing from the gaps in my diet.


Q: What are your “Go To” Supplements?
A: While I try not to take too many supplements, my go-to supplements include a PreWOD from Nutriforce, if I need a boost. Aminos during my long sessions. And a little Nutriforce Nutriwhey Alpine strawberry protein shake.


Q: When coaching others, what is most important to you?
A: I love coaching a fun class! When most people walk through the doors of Peak 360, I know they’re looking forward to that 1-hour escape from real life. I share a lot of tips that I’ve learned as an athlete. It’s my hope that everyone leaves with a kicked booty and a smile on their face!


Q: How do you balance your strength work with staying proficient at bodyweight/gymnastics movements?
A: I’ve always been on the opposite ends of the spectrum with my strength and gymnastics. The former needing a lot of work and the latter coming relatively easily to me. So I try to maintain my gymnastics skills by touching on them a few times a week and hammering heavy weight every day! It’s funny because my two coaches are experts in those fields. Dave Spitz programs for The Barbell WOD and Dusty Hyland for The Skill WOD. I highly recommend checking them both out!


Q: If a CrossFit Games for dogs existed, what event would Maximus excel at? 
A: EVERYTHING! Max is the man. Being in the gym with me every day, he’s learned a lot. Box jumps and running come very naturally to him, but we’ve been working on his catching skills lately. He’s not great at Frisbee and he’s no tennis baller…


Here at Europa Sports, we’re inspired by Noah’s work ethic. He’s training hard. Real hard. He’s eating healthy. (Rumor has it that ice cream is the secret to his recipe for strength-building success.) And he’s also supplementing to ensure his body is operating at peak performance.

Anyone can become great at fitness. But only one can be crowned the fittest man on earth. Good luck, Noah (and Max). We’ll see you (both?) at the Games.

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